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“Joe Truesdale made my CCW training easy and interesting.  He was the consummate professional and I felt that he was imparting far more real-life information than I could have received in any other class.  I’m familiar with other handgun instructors in the area and it seems that they spend most of their time bragging about themselves and sharing “war” stories.  Joe, in contrast, spent all of his time focused on preparing me to carry a firearm.  There was no wasted time in Joe’s class nor at the range.  He’s a great instructor. "
- Ron K.

"I took the 16 hour Sacramento CCW and the Utah CCW classes from Joe Truesdale in the past couple of months.  During my career, I have attended numerous classes, courses, and seminars.  Joe by far was the best instructor that I have witnessed.  He explains things exceptionally well and his thoroughness is unmatched.  In the range shooting, he was able to correct my form and technique,, which improved my accuracy and confidence greatly.  As I progress and take additional instruction, Joe will be the instructor."
- Dean B.​

"Just wanted to thank you for allowing me the privilege of being one of your students. Yes, I mean it – PRIVILEGE! As I mentioned to you earlier, this is not the first time I attended a CCW course, however it is the first where I actually learned a great deal and was able to benefit from it. Your knowledge and dedication both in the class and on the range far exceed and excel anything I’ve witnessed or have been told about. Needless to say but I’ve recommended you to numerous people including a girl friend who is also a business owner. Last to mention is the fact that I received both my California CCW as well as my Utah CCW. I am now looking forward to working on my Arizona CCW. Should any of your potential students request a personal recommendation please do not hesitate to give them my name."
- Tony P.

"I would like to thank you for your patience and consideration in my training for California and Utah CCW. As you know I am new to gun handling and I was very nervous, especially shooting a larger caliber pistol. After a few hours and the generous loan from you to try different pistols I felt much more confident and also was able to make up my mind as to what gun I thought would work for me. I also am glad I took the Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home. I now own a Glock 30 (.45 ACP) and really like it and enjoy shooting it.
Thanks for your classes, keep 'em coming!"
- Bob P.​

​​“Joe’s CCW class was informative, comprehensive, and enjoyable.  The one-on-one style is the way to go.  The location is professional and comfortable.  Joe cares about his students and takes an interest in seeing them become more equipped both in knowledge and ability.  In addition to my CA CCW, he helped me get my UT CCW permit, giving me 30 other states.  I’d recommend doing the same...and bringing your wife!”

- Brad C.​

"Last month I attended the California CCW Class, to obtain my permit for Sacramento county. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Truesdale's class. He kept the classroom portion very engaging, you weren't bored and had no risk of falling asleep. But I was most impressed with the time we had on the range, at no time did I feel rushed, or intimidated. He was respectful and attentive to all the students and did a wonderful job with both the student instruction and range safety. In short I loved the class, I plan on using ONE on One Firearm Instruction again and I recommend it to anyone who asks."

- Chris B.​

"From the first encounter with Joe, he makes you feel very much at ease.  He explains each of the steps that we need to accomplish in order to complete the training for the CCW Renewal.  At the range he begins by putting everyone at ease again, and explains the course of fire and what is needed to qualify.  He worked with me one on one to be able to correct any flaws I had in my shooting technique.  I appreciated this approach as I am not able to shoot very often, and it’s easy to fall into bad habits, which he corrected immediately.  By having Joe work with us individually, I found it much easier to qualify with the guns I brought.  Upon completion of the range training we went indoors for the second part of the CCW Refresher Course.  As we went through the areas of training, Joe made sure that we all understood the content of each section before moving on to the next. The class was 4 hours in length, and after class Joe remained in the classroom to answer any questions students were not clear on.  He went over each question until the student understood the concept.  I would highly recommend Joe Truesdale as an Instructor for any part of the CCW Refresher Training."
- Dick L.​

​The CCW training provided by Mr. Truesdale was thorough and comprehensive.  The shooting portion of the training was extremely helpful to me, as it provided an opportunity to learn from an experienced shooter and increased my confidence with my weapons.  I was very thankful for Mr. Truesdale's patience as I went through the training.  He was great.  I would recommend Mr. Truesdale's training to anyone who wants to learn how to handle a weapon.  Thanks, Joe! "

- Chris B.​


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