ONE on ONE Firearms Announces Expanded Competitive Shooting Team for 2014

March 13, 2014

Over the past two seasons, the ONE on ONE Firearms shooting team consisted of only two shooters, company founder/President Joe Truesdale and myself. Several months back, we started having discussions about how great it would be if we could expand our shooting team for the 2014 season. We’ve both been the beneficiaries of relationships with some generous sponsors who’d supported us in reaching for our shooting sports goals over the past two seasons.


We thought that it would be a great feeling to be able to pay-it-forward, extending that kind of support to a larger team, in order to help team members reach their competitive shooting goals as well. The challenge was to consider WHO we wanted to have on the team. The first priority was building a team that could best represent ONE on ONE Firearms and our team sponsors in a diverse array of shooting sports.Team members would have to be great ambassadors for the shooting sports and 2nd amendment rights, and ideally, students of ONE on ONE Firearms.


After several months of work, we are pleased to announce that ONE on ONE Firearms has finalized the expansion of our shooting team, adding 6 new members, bringing our total number of team shooters to 8. We’ve invited a great group of shooters to join the team. We've selected these shooters because we like them as people, on and off the range. They are all tenacious competitors by nature, and are each examples of how to represent the shooting sports, 2A rights, and the various brands of our generous team sponsors. Our shooting team members are contenders in a diverse array of shooting sports... IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun, and even SASS! Team shooters for the ONE on ONE Firearms 2014 Shooting Team are:


Wyatt Aubuchon

Doug Hogue

Marty Johnson

Fred Mowrey

Robert Sharp

Mike Steele

Joe Truesdale

Sean Young


While ONE on ONE Firearms had made the commitment to support an expanded team, we knew it would be impossible to truly support team members on our own. We needed more team sponsors! We started making phone calls, setting meetings, and even drove to Las Vegas to meet with potential sponsors at the SHOT show. Let me just say, It’s one thing to have relationships with sponsors who are willing to generously support a team of 2, and it’s another thing entirely to ask them for the same level of support for a team consisting of many more shooters!


As for team sponsors, we are very pleased to announce the continued sponsorship for our expanded team from our friends at Redline Ballistics and Springer Precision, both agreeing to continue our relationship, and extend support to the additional team members. We are also very excited to have several new companies enthusiastically join the family of sponsors supporting the ONE on ONE Firearms shooting team.We are extremely honored and grateful to have this spectacular group of companies supporting our team effort. Sponsors teaming up with ONE on ONE Firearms  to support the 2014 team are:


Redline Ballistics -

Springer Precision -

Self Defense Association -

Aero Precision -

Comp-Tac -

AP Custom USA -


During the 2014 season, you will find the ONE on ONE Firearms team competing in local club matches from Winton, CA to Redding, CA... Richmond, CA to Reno, NV. Team members will also be represented in several major championship matches throughout the USA and abroad. In the coming weeks we'll be releasing more detailed bios of each team member in the coming weeks, as well as a ton of great information about our sponsors, and their spectacular products and services. We're looking forward to an exciting 2014 shooting season, and hope to see many of you on the range this season!



Stay safe, and always keep training...


Sean Young

VP Operations | Certified Instructor

ONE on ONE Firearms LLC

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